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Malolotja Nature Reserve Safaris

The ultimate guide to your next Malolotja Nature Reserve Safari

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An Overview of Malolotja Nature Reserve Safaris

Malolotja Nature Reserve Night Safaris

Exodus Safaris welcomes you to Malolotja Nature Safaris, an extraordinary journey into the rugged and breathtaking landscapes of Malolotja Nature Reserve in Eswatini (formerly Swaziland). Nestled within the scenic hills and valleys of Eswatini’s northwest region, Malolotja Nature Reserve is renowned for its diverse ecosystems, rich biodiversity, and stunning vistas. With a commitment to responsible tourism and conservation, Malolotja Nature Safaris curated by Exodus Safaris offer travelers an immersive and sustainable way to experience the natural wonders of Eswatini.

Undertaking a Malolotja Nature Safari with Exodus Safaris promises an unforgettable adventure filled with thrilling wildlife encounters and serene natural beauty. Led by experienced guides with intimate knowledge of the reserve, participants embark on guided hikes, birdwatching excursions, and cultural experiences, allowing for close encounters with a variety of species including antelopes, zebras, and an array of birdlife.

From cascading waterfalls to ancient rock formations, Malolotja Nature Safaris offer travelers a chance to immerse themselves in the unspoiled wilderness and vibrant culture of Eswatini. With comfortable accommodations and personalized service, Malolotja Nature Safaris with Exodus Safaris provide an authentic and enriching safari experience that celebrates the beauty and biodiversity of Malolotja Nature Reserve.

Why Go on Malolotja Nature Reserve Safari

What to Do on the Malolotja Nature Reserve Safari

Hiking and Walking

Malolotja Nature Reserve Safari Hiking and Walking

The reserve’s hiking trails, with their well-marked paths catering to various fitness levels, offer unparalleled opportunities to explore stunning landscapes. Whether through lush forests or across high-altitude plateaus, hikers can immerse themselves in diverse natural beauty.


Malolotja Nature Reserve Safari Birdwatching

With over 280 bird species recorded in the reserve, it’s a fantastic destination for birdwatchers. You can bring your binoculars and a bird field guide to spot a wide variety of avian species. The diverse habitats within the reserve, ranging from wetlands to mountain slopes, create ideal conditions for observing both common and rare birds in their natural habitats. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced birdwatcher, the reserve promises unforgettable encounters with feathered inhabitants against stunning natural backdrops.

Malolotja Nature Reserve Safari Mountain Biking

Malolotja Nature Reserve has designated trails for mountain biking, allowing you to explore the terrain on two wheels. These trails traverse diverse landscapes, from rugged mountain paths to scenic valleys, offering bikers thrilling adventures amidst the reserve’s natural beauty. Whether you’re seeking a leisurely ride or a challenging mountain biking experience, the reserve provides opportunities for all levels of enthusiasts to enjoy the outdoors.


Malolotja Nature Reserve Safari Photography

The diverse landscapes and wildlife make the reserve an excellent destination for photographers. Capture the beauty of the landscapes, wildlife, and flora, each offering unique subjects for stunning photographs. Whether you’re drawn to panoramic vistas of lush forests, close-up shots of rare bird species, or delicate wildflowers against a backdrop of rugged mountains, the reserve provides endless opportunities to capture awe-inspiring images. Bring your camera and explore the reserve’s varied terrain to create a visual narrative of its natural wonders.

Horseback Riding

Malolotja Nature Reserve Safari Horseback Riding

Some areas of the reserve can be explored on horseback, offering a unique perspective of the surroundings. Ride through diverse landscapes, from wooded valleys to open plains, immersing yourself in the natural beauty while experiencing a sense of connection with the environment. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or trying it for the first time, horseback exploration allows you to appreciate the reserve’s serene ambiance and wildlife encounters in a distinctive and memorable way.


Malolotja Nature Reserve Safari Picnicking

Many spots within the reserve are perfect for picnicking. Bring a packed lunch and enjoy it in a natural setting, surrounded by the sights and sounds of untouched wilderness. Whether you prefer a shaded spot under towering trees or a sunny clearing with panoramic views, picnicking offers a relaxing break amidst the reserve’s tranquil atmosphere. Listen to birdcalls, observe wildlife, and unwind with family or friends, making the most of your outdoor adventure in this pristine environment.


Malolotja Nature Reserve Safari Stargazing

The reserve’s remote location and minimal light pollution make it an excellent spot for stargazing. On clear nights, you can observe the night sky and celestial objects with remarkable clarity. Whether you’re an amateur astronomer or simply appreciate the beauty of a starlit sky, the reserve offers an unparalleled opportunity to marvel at the universe’s wonders. Bring a telescope or just lay back on a blanket to enjoy the expansive view of twinkling stars and perhaps catch a glimpse of meteor showers or distant planets.

Nature and Wildlife Observation

Malolotja Nature Reserve Nature and Wildlife Observation

Many spots within the reserve are perfect for picnicking. Bring a packed lunch and enjoy it in a natural setting, surrounded by the serene beauty of untouched wilderness. Whether you prefer a peaceful spot by a babbling brook or a panoramic view from a hilltop, picnicking allows you to savor the sights and sounds of nature while relishing a meal outdoors. Take in the fresh air, listen to the songs of birds, and unwind amidst the tranquility of the reserve, making your picnic a delightful experience in this natural sanctuary.


Many spots within the reserve are perfect for picnicking. Bring a packed lunch and enjoy it in a natural setting, surrounded by the pristine beauty of the wilderness. Whether you choose a shaded grove, a sunny meadow, or a peaceful lakeside, picnicking offers a chance to relax and connect with nature. Take in the sights and sounds of the reserve, perhaps spotting wildlife or enjoying the tranquil flow of a nearby stream. It’s a wonderful way to recharge and appreciate the natural wonders of the reserve while enjoying a meal in the great outdoors.

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Popular Malolotja Nature Reserve Safaris


These recommended tours for Malolotja Nature Reserve can be tailor-made to match your budget.

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Each Moment On Malolotja Safaris Promises a Breathtaking Adventure

When is the best month to travel to Malolotja Nature Reserve?

Malolotja Nature Reserve in January

  • Weather: Summer in Malolotja, warm temperatures with occasional rain.
  • Wildlife: Birdwatching is excellent; you may spot various species.
  • Events: No major events, but January is great for birdwatching safaris.

Malolotja Nature Reserve in February

  • Weather: Warm temperatures continue with some rainfall.
  • Wildlife: Birdwatching remains excellent; some mammals may be active.
  • Events: No major events, but consider a combination of birdwatching and game drives.
tanz feb calves

Malolotja Nature Reserve in March

  • Weather: Still warm with increased chances of rain.
  • Wildlife: Migratory birds are abundant; mammals are active.
  • Events: No major events, but March is ideal for a mixed safari experience.
tanz mar ngorongoro

Malolotja Nature Reserve in April

  • Weather: Autumn brings cooler temperatures; some rainfall.
  • Wildlife: Mammals are active; birdwatching is good.
  • Events: No major events, but consider a safari focusing on mammal sightings.

Malolotja Nature Reserve in May

  • Weather: Cool temperatures; drier conditions.
  • Wildlife: Mammals are active; birdwatching remains good.
  • Events: No major events, but May is great for a diverse safari experience.

Malolotja Nature Reserve in June

  • Weather: Winter begins; cool and dry.
  • Wildlife: Excellent time for mammal sightings.
  • Events: No major events, but June is perfect for a traditional game drive safari.

Malolotja Nature Reserve in July

  • Weather: Winter continues with cool, dry weather.
  • Wildlife: Mammals are active; birdwatching is still good.
  • Events: No major events, but July is ideal for a wildlife-focused safari.

Malolotja Nature Reserve in August

  • Weather: Winter persists; cool temperatures.
  • Wildlife: Prime time for mammal sightings.
  • Events: No major events, but August is excellent for wildlife photography safaris.

Malolotja Nature Reserve in September

  • Weather: Spring begins; temperatures start to rise.
  • Wildlife: Mammals remain active; birdwatching is good.
  • Events: No major events, but September is great for a well-rounded safari experience.

Malolotja Nature Reserve in October

  • Weather: Warm temperatures; the start of the rainy season.
  • Wildlife: Mammals are active; birdwatching remains good.
  • Events: No major events, but consider a safari with a focus on landscape photography.

Malolotja Nature Reserve in November

  • Weather: Warm and rainy season begins.
  • Wildlife: Mammals are active; birdwatching is still good.
  • Events: No major events, but November is ideal for a safari with lush landscapes.
tanz nov waterhole

Malolotja Nature Reserve in December

  • Weather: Summer with warm temperatures and occasional rain.
  • Wildlife: Mammals are active; birdwatching is excellent.
  • Events: No major events, but December is great for a combination of wildlife and birdwatching safaris.
tanz dec ellie

Our Recommended Tours in Malolotja Nature Reserve


These recommended tours for Malolotja Nature Reserve can be tailor-made to match your budget.

Seeking One-of-a-Kind Malolotja Safaris Experience?

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FAQ about Malolotja Nature Reserve Safaris

  • While not a typical safari destination, you may encounter a variety of wildlife such as reedbuck, baboons, and smaller mammals. Birdwatchers will have a great time spotting numerous bird species.

  • Yes, self-guided hikes are allowed, and there are well-marked trails with various difficulty levels. You can obtain trail maps at the park's entrance.

  • Camping is allowed, and there are campsites available. Facilities vary from basic to more equipped sites with amenities like restrooms and showers.

  • Yes, there are designated mountain biking trails. You'll need to bring your own bike or check with the reserve's management regarding bike rental services.

  • It's essential to bring comfortable hiking gear, water, snacks, sunscreen, insect repellent, and appropriate clothing for the weather. Check with the reserve for specific recommendations.

  • Yes, you can explore nearby Swazi communities and participate in cultural tours to learn about local traditions and customs.

  • Yes, the reserve's remote location offers excellent stargazing opportunities. While there may not be specific events, you can enjoy stargazing on clear nights.

Best Accommodations While On Malolotja Safaris

Malolotja Campsite

  • Location: Malolotja Nature Reserve, Eswatini.
  • Price: $10 – $20 per person per night.
  • Description: Malolotja Campsite provides basic camping facilities amidst the natural beauty of the reserve. Visitors can pitch their tents in designated areas, enjoy campfires under the stars, and immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of the wilderness.

Hawane Resort

  • Location: Near Malolotja Nature Reserve, Eswatini.
  • Price: $50 – $100 per person per night.
  • Description: Hawane Resort offers comfortable chalet accommodations surrounded by lush gardens and scenic views. Guests can relax in cozy rooms, dine at the onsite restaurant serving Swazi cuisine, and explore nearby attractions, including Malolotja Nature Reserve.

Mountain Inn

  • Location: Mbabane, Eswatini (approximately 30 minutes from Malolotja Nature Reserve).
  • Price: $80 – $150 per person per night.
  • Description: Mountain Inn provides spacious rooms and suites with modern amenities and mountain views. Guests can unwind by the pool, savor international cuisine at the restaurant, and easily access Malolotja Nature Reserve for outdoor adventures.

Foresters Arms Hotel

  • Location: Mbabane, Eswatini (approximately 30 minutes from Malolotja Nature Reserve).
  • Price: $100 – $200 per person per night.
  • Description: Foresters Arms Hotel offers colonial-style accommodations set amidst picturesque gardens and rolling hills. Guests can enjoy elegant rooms, fine dining, and leisure activities such as horseback riding, tennis, and birdwatching.

Hlane Royal National Park Campsite

  •  Location: Hlane Royal National Park, Eswatini (within driving distance from Malolotja Nature Reserve).
  • Price: $15 – $30 per person per night.
  • Description: Hlane Royal National Park Campsite offers basic camping facilities within the park’s wildlife-rich landscape. Visitors can pitch tents in designated areas, enjoy self-catering facilities, and embark on guided game drives to encounter rhinos, lions, and other wildlife species.

Types of Malolotja Nature Reserve Safaris

Hiking Safaris

Malolotja Nature Reserve Safaris Hiking Safaris

Malolotja is renowned for its hiking trails that lead you through the reserve’s stunning landscapes. These hiking safaris allow you to explore the mountains, valleys, forests, and grasslands while experiencing the reserve’s rich diversity of flora and fauna up close. Whether you’re drawn to panoramic views from high peaks or the tranquil beauty of hidden waterfalls, each trail offers a unique adventure immersed in the natural splendor of Malolotja. It’s an opportunity to connect with nature and appreciate the intricate ecosystems that thrive within this picturesque reserve.

Birdwatching Safaris

Malolotja Nature Reserve Birdwatching Safaris

With over 280 bird species, Malolotja is a paradise for birdwatchers. Birdwatching safaris involve exploring the reserve with a focus on spotting and identifying a wide variety of avian species. Whether you’re observing colorful sunbirds flitting among flowering bushes or scanning the skies for soaring raptors, each birdwatching excursion offers a chance to appreciate the diverse birdlife that calls Malolotja home. Guided by knowledgeable experts or exploring on your own, these safaris promise memorable encounters with feathered inhabitants against the backdrop of the reserve’s natural beauty.

Self-Guided Safaris

Malolotja Nature Reserve Self Guided Safaris

You can embark on your own safari-like experience by following the reserve’s well-marked hiking trails and exploring at your own pace. This self-guided approach allows for flexibility and independence, whether you’re seeking tranquil moments by a cascading waterfall or panoramic views from a mountain ridge. Along the way, immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of Malolotja, from lush forests teeming with wildlife to expansive grasslands dotted with wildflowers. It’s an opportunity to connect deeply with nature and create your own memorable adventure in this stunning reserve.

Guided Nature Walks

Malolotja Nature Reserve Safaris Guided Nature Walks

While not traditional game drives, guided nature walks with knowledgeable guides offer insights into the reserve’s natural history, wildlife, and plant life. These walks provide a safari-like experience without motorized vehicles, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the sights, sounds, and scents of Malolotja. Explore diverse habitats, from dense forests to open grasslands, and learn about the unique adaptations of the flora and fauna that thrive in this pristine environment. It’s a chance to deepen your understanding of the reserve’s ecosystems while enjoying a more intimate and sustainable approach to wildlife observation and nature exploration.

Mountain Biking Safaris

Malolotja Nature Reserve Safari Mountain Biking

Explore the reserve on two wheels with mountain biking safaris. These guided or self-guided adventures take you through various trails and terrain, offering an active and nature-immersed experience. Whether you prefer adrenaline-pumping downhill descents or leisurely rides through scenic valleys, mountain biking allows you to cover more ground and discover hidden gems of Malolotja. Pedal through lush forests, across rugged mountain paths, and along serene lakeshores, all while enjoying the fresh air and panoramic views. It’s an exhilarating way to explore the reserve and appreciate its natural beauty from a unique perspective.

Cultural Safaris

Malolotja Nature Reserve Cultural Safaris

Although not within the reserve itself, you can arrange cultural safaris that include visits to nearby Swazi communities to learn about local traditions, customs, and daily life. This offers a unique cultural experience that complements the natural beauty of Malolotja. Engage with community members, participate in traditional dances, and visit craft markets to support local artisans. These safaris provide insights into Swazi heritage and a deeper appreciation for the cultural diversity surrounding the reserve. It’s an enriching opportunity to connect with both nature and local communities during your visit to this dynamic region.

Adventure Safaris

Malolotja Nature Reserve Adventure Safaris

Malolotja Nature Reserve also offers adventure activities such as rock climbing, abseiling, and zip-lining. These adventure safaris provide an adrenaline-filled experience amidst the reserve’s scenic beauty. Whether scaling rocky cliffs, descending into deep gorges, or soaring through the treetops on a zip-line, thrill-seekers can enjoy panoramic views and immersive encounters with the rugged landscapes of Malolotja. Guided by experienced instructors, these activities cater to both beginners and seasoned adventurers, ensuring a safe and exhilarating exploration of this picturesque reserve.

Night Safaris

Malolotja Nature Reserve Night Safaris 

While not common, some guided night safaris or stargazing experiences may be available in and around the reserve, allowing you to observe nocturnal wildlife or gaze at the night sky. These experiences provide a unique opportunity to witness the reserve’s ecosystem after dark, potentially spotting elusive nocturnal animals and listening to their calls. Alternatively, stargazing sessions offer a chance to marvel at the unobstructed view of stars, planets, and constellations in the clear night sky, away from city lights. Whether exploring the nocturnal world of wildlife or contemplating the vastness of the universe, these nighttime activities offer memorable and immersive experiences in Malolotja Nature Reserve.

Educational Safaris

Malolotja Nature Reserve Educational Safaris

Some safaris are designed with a strong educational focus, offering insights into the reserve’s conservation efforts, environmental initiatives, and sustainable practices. These experiences can be both informative and enriching, providing visitors with a deeper understanding of Malolotja’s commitment to preserving biodiversity and protecting natural habitats. Learn about ongoing research projects, habitat restoration efforts, and community engagement initiatives that contribute to the sustainable management of the reserve. Guided by knowledgeable experts, these educational safaris offer a meaningful way to connect with conservation principles and appreciate the importance of environmental stewardship in this pristine natural setting.

Everything About the Malolotja Nature Reserve Safaris



Malolotja Nature Reserve is situated in the northwestern part of Eswatini, approximately 45 kilometers north of the capital, Mbabane. Nestled in the majestic highlands of Eswatini, the reserve spans diverse landscapes, from rugged mountains to lush valleys, offering visitors a glimpse into the country’s natural beauty and biodiversity. Whether exploring its hiking trails, birdwatching hotspots, or engaging in adventure activities, Malolotja provides a scenic escape just a short distance from the vibrant capital city.



The reserve boasts diverse landscapes, including rolling hills, deep valleys, rocky cliffs, lush forests, grassy plains, and river systems, all contributing to its reputation for dramatic scenery. Whether hiking along rugged trails, birdwatching in tranquil forests, or enjoying panoramic views from high cliffs, Malolotja offers a picturesque setting that showcases the natural beauty of Eswatini’s northwestern region. Each landscape within the reserve provides unique opportunities for exploration and appreciation of its rich biodiversity and stunning vistas.



Malolotja is home to a wide range of wildlife, including zebras, wildebeests, impalas, elands, kudus, warthogs, and various bird species. The reserve is renowned not only for its diverse animal inhabitants but also for its remarkable plant diversity, encompassing a variety of habitats from grassy plains to dense forests and mountain slopes. Whether exploring on foot or by guided safari, visitors can encounter these species in their natural habitats and appreciate the intricate ecosystems that thrive within Malolotja’s picturesque landscapes.



Safaris at Malolotja Nature Reserve offer a wide range of activities to suit every adventurer. Experience traditional game drives, guided walks to explore the diverse flora and fauna, and birdwatching safaris to spot the numerous bird species. For a cultural immersion, engage in experiences with local Swazi communities to learn about their traditions and daily life. Thrill-seekers can enjoy adventure activities such as hiking through stunning landscapes, exhilarating mountain biking trails, and zip-lining amidst scenic views. Whether you seek wildlife encounters, cultural insights, or adrenaline-filled adventures, Malolotja offers something for everyone to enjoy in its breathtaking natural surroundings.



The reserve is a paradise for birdwatchers, boasting over 280 species of birds that include raptors, waterbirds, and forest birds. Birdwatching is a popular activity throughout the year, offering enthusiasts the chance to observe a diverse array of avian life in varied habitats. Whether you’re drawn to the sight of majestic raptors soaring overhead, the graceful movements of waterbirds in serene wetlands, or the vibrant colors of forest-dwelling species, Malolotja provides ample opportunities for birdwatching amidst its scenic landscapes.

Safari Tours

Safari Tours

You can explore the reserve on guided safari tours led by knowledgeable and experienced guides. These tours provide valuable insights into the reserve’s diverse flora, fauna, and ongoing conservation efforts. Whether traversing rugged terrain to spot wildlife or learning about endemic plant species, guided safaris offer a comprehensive understanding of Malolotja’s ecological significance. With expert guidance, visitors can appreciate the delicate balance of its ecosystems and gain a deeper appreciation for conservation practices aimed at preserving this natural sanctuary for future generations.



Malolotja offers a range of accommodations to suit different budgets, catering to diverse preferences from luxury lodges to more affordable campsites and self-catering options. Whether you prefer the comfort of a well-appointed lodge with scenic views or the adventure of camping under the stars surrounded by nature, the reserve provides various choices for lodging. Each option allows visitors to immerse themselves fully in the natural beauty and tranquility of Malolotja, ensuring a memorable stay amidst its stunning landscapes and abundant wildlife.

Best Time to Visit

Best Time to Visit

The best time for a safari in Malolotja is during the dry season, from May to August, when the weather is cooler, and wildlife tends to concentrate around water sources, making sightings more frequent. However, the shoulder seasons in spring (September to November) and early autumn (March to April) also offer excellent safari experiences with mild temperatures and lush vegetation. During these times, birdwatching is particularly rewarding as migratory species arrive or depart, adding to the diversity of wildlife encounters in the reserve.



Malolotja Nature Reserve is committed to conservation and eco-tourism. Your visit directly supports efforts to protect the reserve’s unique ecosystem and biodiversity. By participating in activities such as guided safaris, birdwatching, and exploring its diverse landscapes, visitors contribute to sustainable tourism practices that prioritize environmental preservation and community engagement. Your presence helps fund conservation initiatives, habitat restoration projects, and educational programs aimed at fostering awareness and appreciation for Malolotja’s natural heritage. Thus, every visit plays a vital role in safeguarding this pristine wilderness for future generations to enjoy.