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Discover and book amazing Africa safari holiday experiences with Exodus Safaris, home of Africa Natural Wonders

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Welcome To Exodus Safaris

In the heart of the African wilderness, where untamed landscapes sprawl and diverse wildlife roams free, Exodus Safaris stands as an embodiment of exploration, conservation, and unforgettable experiences. With an unwavering commitment to crafting bespoke Africa Safaris through the continent's most captivating regions, Exodus Safaris has emerged as a beacon of excellence in the realm of African safari tourism.

Established on the foundation of a profound passion for the natural world and a desire to share its wonders with the world, Exodus Safaris has set itself apart as a leader in the industry. Our meticulously curated Africa safari package itineraries are designed to immerse travelers in the raw beauty of Africa, while also promoting responsible tourism and supporting the preservation of its ecosystems.

You’re not just looking for an Africa safari, you’re yearning for an authentic, transformative experience.

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Dreaming of a Remarkable African Safari? You're a step closer to your dream African safari. Explore any of these top weekly discovered destinations and start planning your trip with our safari travel experts

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Amboseli Safari Tours

Better Holidays

Since 2000 we’ve led the way in offering the best Africa safari packages. Our holidays have been voted globally to be the best because they are enjoyable and memorable.

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African Heritage

In a world where travel is not just about the destination but the impact it leaves on the environment and local communities, Exodus Safaris stands as a beacon of ethical tourism.

Climbing Kilimanjaro on the Machame Route

You Come First

Our experts have travelled extensively throughout East and Southern Africa. They have discovered and experienced everything needed to tailor-make the perfect African safari for you.

Visiting Devil's Pool, Victoria Falls

Fiercely Independent

Our Africa safaris are tailored to each traveler’s unique interests, preferences, and budget. This ensures that the safari experience is truly customized to meet your expectations

Why Plan Your Africa Safari With Exodus Safaris

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Experienced team of Africa safari guides

One of the defining hallmarks of an Exodus Safaris is the expert team of guides and naturalists who accompany each adventure. These seasoned professionals possess an intimate knowledge of the landscapes, flora, and fauna that make Africa safari so captivating. Their insights and storytelling prowess not only enhance the Africa safari experience but also foster a deep appreciation for the ecological importance of the regions visited.

Flexible Africa Safari Packages for everyone

Exodus Safaris understands that every traveler is unique, and their Africa safari offerings reflect this understanding. From the vast expanse of the Serengeti to the lush waterways of the Okavango Delta, each Africa safari package is tailored to fulfill the specific desires and interests of their clients. Whether it's tracking the Big Five, witnessing the Great Migration, or simply basking in the serenity of a remote wilderness camp, Exodus Safaris ensures that every moment of the expedition is crafted to perfection.

Preservation of African Heritage

Exodus Safaris is not merely about creating unforgettable Africa safari memories; it is also dedicated to the preservation of Africa's natural treasures. Through strategic partnerships with local conservation organizations and a commitment to sustainable tourism practices, the company actively contributes to the safeguarding of the continent's fragile ecosystems.

Popular Africa Destinations for Nature Enthusiasts

At ExodusSafaris & Tours You are Assured of Experiencing the African Adventure in the finest way possible, with a wide range of Africa safari packages to popular and exciting destinations your dream holiday is sure to be unforgettable one.

Make your Africa Safari Memorable

Africa Safari Experience That You Deserve

Exodus Safaris is more than an Africa safari company; it is a gateway to the soul-stirring beauty of Africa and a guardian of its ecological wonders. With a profound dedication to providing unparalleled adventures and preserving the pristine wilderness, Exodus Safaris invites you to embark on an Africa Safari that transcends mere travel—it's an expedition that leaves an indelible mark on the soul, fostering a lifelong connection to the wild and captivating spirit of Africa.

Remarkable Popular Tours of All Times

These popular African safari itineraries can be customized to match your budget and how many people you’re planning to travel with
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When to Go on an African Safari

The best time to go on an African safari depends on your interests and priorities. It’s important to research the specific region you wish to explore, the type of wildlife you want to see, and your tolerance for weather conditions and crowds. Whichever season you choose, an African safari promises incredible adventures and unforgettable wildlife encounters.


Where to go on an African safari in January

  • This time of year is a great opportunity to explore the African wilderness with a chimpanzee or gorilla trek in either Uganda or Rwanda.
  • A safari to Tanzania during the end of the wet season could be most productive, with a higher chance of seeing wildebeest, zebra, and gnu in the southern Ndutu and Salei plains.
  • For those looking for an amazing safari experience, the dry weather and clear skies of the Maasai Mara in Kenya makes animal spotting a much easier task.


Where to go on an African safari in February

  • Visit Mafia Island off Tanzania Coast for some whale shark interaction.
  • South Africa in the summertime is an ideal time to experience the adventure of a lifetime with a Big 5 Safari in Kruger National Park or take in the metropolitan vibes of Cape Town.
  • Those looking for a unique experience should consider visiting Uganda and Rwanda for optimal gorilla trekking conditions in the dry season.
  • For a truly unforgettable vacation, consider traveling to countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda to witness the miracle of newborn animals.


Where to go on an African safari in March

  • It is the prime occasion to ascend Kilimanjaro is now, since the weather is excellent: dry, mild, and not too crowded.
  • Witness the wonders of the Serengeti, a paradise of nature and captivating sights! Observe the aesthetic of young wildebeests as they explore and venture around their fresh home.
  • Visit Okavango Delta and Savuti, Botswana. At this time the summer rains floodwater from further upstream has not yet flooded Okavango thus making it the best time to visit the delta and Savuti region of Chobe national park.
  • Set out on a memorable journey to South Africa this month where you can experience the magic of a safari in Kruger National Park or Sabi Sands.


Where to go on an African safari in April

  • Now is the perfect opportunity to traverse the Okavango Delta rivers in a traditional mokoro and engage in all of the riveting activities awaiting you at Victoria Falls.
  • This is an especially ideal time to visit Tanzania’s northern parks due to It being the wettest month of the year with a more affordable price tag for luxury accommodations like the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge.
  • Visit the great Kruger national park and Sabi Sands private game reserve because the weather is mild. It gives fantastic game viewing of the Big 5. 


Where to go on an African safari in May

  • Holidaying in Mozambique now is the perfect way to enjoy the mild climate and AZGO Festival of arts and music without the crowds that come during peak season.
  • If you’re looking for an adrenaline pumping adventure, check out the Fish River Canyon walk which opens in the beginning of the month.
  • Additionally, the Okavango Delta is steadily filling up with water from the Angolan highlands offering plenty of wildlife viewing opportunities. Plus, the scenery is breathtaking with lush greenery and vibrant blue skies.


Where to go on an African safari in June

  • From June to September is the prime season for amazing game viewing on a safari in Zimbabwe.
  • During this period, the busiest of the year, it is an excellent opportunity to experience the Great Migration in Tanzania.
  • If you’re looking for a beach vacation, the KwaZulu-Natal coast in South Africa offers temperate to hot weather during its winter season, making it a great destination.


Where to go on an African safari in July

  • Every year during July and August, one of the world’s greatest wildlife spectacles descends upon the Maasai Mara in Kenya, with hundreds of thousands of wildebeest and zebra migrating into the area.
  • This is an ideal time for a safari holiday, as the weather is cooler and drier than other months.
  • For the beach lovers, a trip to Mozambique is highly recommended too – plentiful sunshine and little wind make it a great spot for diving and fishing.


Where to go on an African safari in August

  • The months of August give Zimbabwe a great advantage when it comes to safari-going. Tourists can then take a trip to Victoria Falls, offering even more thrills and excitement.
  • During this period, days are sunny and pleasant with temperatures reaching around 10C in the evening. Wildlife viewing in Zimbabwe is breathtakingly beautiful and definitely an experience to be remembered.
  • Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park is alive with activity during August, particularly due to the Great Migration river crossings in the Lamai/Kogatende wilderness.
  • Namibia’s Etosha National Park is another prime spot for safaris at this time, boasting an abundance of game viewing opportunities.


Where to go on an African safari in September

  • At this time of year, Tanzania is abuzz with activity during the Great Migration. Herds of elephants can be spotted crossing rivers and thundering through the land.
  • For an unforgettable wildlife experience, head to the Okavango, Moremi, Chobe or the Linyanti area of Botswana.
  • Those looking for a relaxed holiday should consider exploring Mozambique while temperatures are still moderate throughout the day and night; end-of-summer tourist numbers are lower, making this an optimal time for sightseeing.


Where to go on an African safari in October

  • If you’re looking for a budget Africa safari that won’t break the bank, Kenya during the dry season is the perfect destination!
  • This period marks peak game viewing in Namibia and Botswana, as many animals travel to the few remaining permanent waterholes to drink.
  • It’s an ideal time to witness the incredible wildlife Zimbabwe has to offer – all without emptying your wallet!


Where to go on an African safari in November

  • Kenya’s rains normally start in this month, lasting for around a few weeks. However, this brief showering of precipitation does not interfere with the thrilling safari experience, making Kenya the perfect choice for an adventure.
  • A delightful period of time awaits those wishing to take a holiday in Mauritius, as the temperatures have been steadily climbing, but not so much to be unbearable.
  • Cape Town is an ideal spot to vacation during this season, as the city is blooming with life and beauty as spring morphs into summer.


Where to go on an African safari in December

  • Embark on an incredible safari experience in the Timbavati Game Reserve, where you can witness the home of the majestic white lion.
  • Enjoy the perfect beach weather with the cooling breezes of Mauritius in summer, when temperatures reach their peak and humidity levels decline.
  • For bird lovers, discovering Zimbabwe’s abundant wildlife during a bird watching safari in the summer months is a very rewarding experience.

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Lynsey USA

The tour went off without a hitch. All aspects of the flight were top-notch and everyone onboard had a pleasant experience. It was a smooth voyage that was a real pleasure for all involved. The crew worked efficiently and safety was never an issue. Everyone arrived at their destination on time and without any hassle.

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Jenny Éliott France

I was able to observe a plethora of wildlife, and the elephants in particular were quite something. The tour guides were incredibly knowledgeable about not just the animals, but the entire country as well. It was an incredible experience.

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Tristina England

I was able to observe a plethora of wildlife, and the elephants in particular were quite something. The tour guides were incredibly knowledgeable about not just the animals, but the entire country as well. It was an incredible experience

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Sandra K USA

I highly recommend the day safari from Dar to Selous! It was an incredible experience and Exodus Safaris made sure everything ran smoothly.

Tony H USA

I had a great time with my family in Mikumi for a full day from Dar Es Salaam! Paul picked us up from airport on time and the game drive with Exodus Safaris was amazing! Charming guy, quite passionate about the wildlife, always smiling and he knows all the "neighbourhoods" inside the park!!

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Ann E England

The safari was mindblowingly good! An absolute dream to see all the big animals and the guide was very friendly and knowledgeable. The booking process was smooth and well communicated. Thank you for a great time!

Ann E
Jennifer Mike Norway

The full day Amboseli tour was great experience. it truly added great memories to our time in Kenya. Evans was our guide at reserve and he was very friend and very knowledgeable about the park and animal. We saw 3 of the big 5 countless. Other species of animal in their natural habitat. I highly recommended

Sandra L
Triza Jonnes Scotland

Our honeymoon safari was great! We spent 2 nights at the Masai Mara. I would highly recommend travelling through Africa with Exodus Safaris

Joseph Kane USA

Would highly recommend Exodus Safaris. Easy to book at short notice at a time to suit our arrival time, also able to add an extra person with even shorter notice. Philip was our driver/guide in Serengeti, he was friendly, knowledgeable and extremely flexible. Enjoyed it thoroughly!

Sarah Michael USA

Our Tour Guide driver was Robert, the best tour guide ever. We learnt more about the Shedrick orphanage and how they safe the endangered elephants from different national park or reserves in Kenya. We can recommend this excursion to everyone who happen to be in Nairobi for an overnight, it's worth visiting.

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Edward J.K Cananda

Well organised and they even stored my big bag in zanzibar as I was changing hotels upon my return to zanzibar.

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Kingston Class UK

The tour was very well organized and everything went according to plan. Mark, our guide for the safari, was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, always able to spot the animals for us. Our driver was always punctual and ensured we were on time for each activity. Staying overnight at the lodge was certainly a highlight of the trip, and the food was delicious. We also highly recommend the morning boat safari, it was an incredible experience. Thanks to ExodusSafaris for the impressive organization and prompt communication.