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Bemaraha Safaris

The ultimate guide to your next Bemaraha Safari

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An Overview about Bemaraha

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Exodus Safaris offers an extraordinary opportunity to explore the breathtaking landscapes and unique biodiversity of Bemaraha National Park through its Bemaraha Safaris. Situated in western Madagascar, Bemaraha National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its stunning geological formations, including the iconic Tsingy de Bemaraha limestone spires. With its rugged terrain, lush forests, and diverse wildlife, Bemaraha promises an immersive safari experience that transports travelers to a world of natural wonder.

Led by knowledgeable guides with a passion for conservation and exploration, Bemaraha Safaris by Exodus Safaris promise unforgettable encounters with wildlife such as lemurs, chameleons, and a myriad of bird species. Travelers can explore the park’s intricate network of hiking trails, traverse suspension bridges over deep canyons, and marvel at the dramatic limestone formations that define the landscape.

Additionally, Exodus Safaris facilitates cultural interactions with local communities, providing travelers with insights into traditional Malagasy life and supporting community-led conservation initiatives. With a commitment to responsible tourism practices, Bemaraha Safaris aim to not only provide remarkable experiences but also contribute to the preservation of Madagascar’s natural and cultural heritage for future generations to enjoy.

Why Go on Bemaraha Safari

What to Do on Bemaraha Safari

Explore the Tsingy

Bemaraha Explore the Tsingy Safari

The highlight of any Bemaraha Safari is exploring the tsingy formations. Guided hikes will take you through this otherworldly landscape of limestone pinnacles, crevices, and canyons. Some sections involve walking on narrow suspension bridges and navigating through narrow passages, offering a thrilling adventure.

Wildlife Viewing

Bemaraha Wildlife Viewing Safari

Bemaraha is home to a variety of wildlife, including several lemur species, chameleons, and endemic bird species. Guided hikes and walks provide opportunities for wildlife spotting and birdwatching. Lemurs, such as the Decken’s sifaka and red-fronted brown lemur, can often be observed in the park.


Bemaraha Caving Safari

Explore the underground world of Bemaraha by visiting the network of caves and underground passages. Caving expeditions are often led by experienced guides who can help you navigate through these subterranean wonders.

Rock Climbing and Abseiling

Bemaraha Rock Climbing and Abseiling Safari

For the more adventurous, Bemaraha offers rock climbing and abseiling opportunities amidst the dramatic limestone formations. These activities provide a unique perspective of the tsingy and the surrounding landscape.


Bemaraha Photography Safari

Bemaraha’s surreal landscapes make it a paradise for photographers. Capture the intricate details of the limestone formations, unique plant life, and wildlife encounters. Sunrise and sunset provide particularly stunning lighting for photography.


Bamaraha Stargazing Safari

The remote location of Bemaraha provides excellent conditions for stargazing. On clear nights, you can enjoy the brilliance of the night sky and constellations far from city lights.


Bemaraha Relaxation Safari

After a day of exploration, unwind and relax at your accommodations, whether it’s a rustic lodge or a comfortable campsite. Enjoy the tranquility of the natural surroundings.

Responsible Travel

Bemaraha Responsible Travel Safari

Respect the park’s rules and guidelines to minimize your impact on the environment. Ensure you follow ethical wildlife viewing practices and support conservation efforts in the area.

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Popular Bemaraha Safaris


We can customize these suggested Bemaraha Safaris tours to suit your budget.

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Each Moment On Bemaraha Safaris Promises a Breathtaking Adventure

When is the best month to travel to Bemaraha National Park?

Bemaraha National Park in January

  • Weather: Warm temperatures, with occasional rainfall.
  • Wildlife: Lemurs, chameleons, and various bird species.
  • Events: No major events, but it’s an excellent time for wildlife viewing.

Bemaraha National Park in February

  • Weather: Similar to January, warm with occasional rainfall.
  • Wildlife: Lemurs, chameleons, and birds are active.
  • Events: No major events, but ideal for nature walks and photography.
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Bemaraha National Park in March

  • Weather: Continuing warm temperatures, occasional rainfall.
  • Wildlife: Baby lemurs may be spotted; birdwatching is good.
  • Events: No major events, but consider a guided trek to discover the park’s diverse flora and fauna.
tanz mar ngorongoro

Bemaraha National Park in April

  • Weather: Transitioning to the dry season, less rainfall.
  • Wildlife: Lemurs are active, reptiles are visible.
  • Events: No major events, but great for hiking and exploring the Tsingy.

Bemaraha National Park in May

  • Weather: Dry season begins, comfortable temperatures.
  • Wildlife: Lemurs, reptiles, and diverse bird species.
  • Events: No major events, but consider a night walk to spot nocturnal creatures.

Bemaraha National Park in June

  • Weather: Dry season in full swing, cooler temperatures.
  • Wildlife: Lemurs, reptiles, and birdwatching opportunities.
  • Events: No major events, but ideal for a multi-day trek to fully experience the park.

Bemaraha National Park in July

  • Weather: Dry and cool, great for outdoor activities.
  • Wildlife: Active lemurs, reptiles, and birdlife.
  • Events: No major events, but explore the Grand Tsingy for stunning panoramic views.

Bemaraha National Park in August

  • Weather: Dry and cool, similar to July.
  • Wildlife: Excellent lemur sightings, reptiles, and birds.
  • Events: No major events, but consider a boat trip on the Manambolo River.

Bemaraha National Park in September

  • Weather: Dry season continues, temperatures rising.
  • Wildlife: Lemurs are active, reptiles, and diverse bird species.
  • Events: No major events, but a great time for cave exploration and photography.

Bemaraha National Park in October

  • Weather: Dry and warm temperatures.
  • Wildlife: Lemurs, reptiles, and birdwatching.
  • Events: No major events, but a perfect time for a Tsingy hike.

Bemaraha National Park in November

  • Weather: Transition to the rainy season, occasional showers.
  • Wildlife: Lemurs, reptiles, and birdlife.
  • Events: No major events, but explore the park’s caves and underground rivers.
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Bemaraha National Park in December

  • Weather: Beginning of the rainy season, warm temperatures.
  • Wildlife: Lemurs, reptiles, and birdwatching.
  • Events: No major events, but ideal for witnessing the lush greenery and enjoying the unique ambiance.
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Our Recommended Tours in Bemaraha


Customize these suggested Bemaraha Safaris tours to suit your budget and safari experience

Seeking One-of-a-Kind Bemaraha Safaris Experience?

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FAQ about Bemaraha Safaris

  • Bemaraha Safaris offer a range of activities, including guided hikes through the tsingy formations, wildlife viewing, caving expeditions, rock climbing, abseiling, photography, cultural interactions, and nature walks.

  • Access to Bemaraha can be challenging due to its remote location. Typically, travelers fly to Antananarivo (the capital of Madagascar) and then take domestic flights or travel by road to reach the park. Some safaris may include transportation as part of their package.

  • Yes, Bemaraha is home to several lemur species, including the Decken's sifaka and red-fronted brown lemur. Visitors often have opportunities to spot lemurs during guided hikes and wildlife viewing activities.

  • Yes, it is highly recommended to have a knowledgeable guide during your Bemaraha Safari. Guides are essential for navigating the challenging terrain, ensuring safety, and providing insights into the park's geology and wildlife.

  • Yes, there are typically rules and guidelines in place to protect the fragile environment of Bemaraha. These may include staying on designated paths, respecting wildlife, and minimizing impact on the terrain.

  • Yes, Bemaraha offers opportunities for rock climbing, abseiling, caving, and other adventurous activities. It's a great destination for those seeking an adrenaline rush amid stunning natural landscapes.

5 Best Accommodations While On Bemaraha Safaris

Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park Campsite

Description: The park offers basic camping facilities within its boundaries, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the wilderness of Tsingy de Bemaraha. Facilities are limited, with no electricity or running water, but the experience of camping amidst the unique limestone formations and wildlife is unforgettable.

Approximate Price: $10 – $20 per person per night (approximate).

Olympe de Bemaraha

Description: Olympe de Bemaraha is a lodge located near Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, offering comfortable bungalows and camping options. Guests can enjoy guided tours of the park’s highlights, including hiking through the Tsingy formations, exploring caves, and spotting lemurs and other wildlife.

Approximate Price: $50 – $100 per person per night (approximate).

Tsingy Lodge

Description: Tsingy Lodge is situated close to the entrance of Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, offering comfortable accommodation in bungalows and tents. The lodge organizes guided tours of the park, including walks on suspension bridges, visits to caves, and opportunities to observe endemic flora and fauna.

Approximate Price: $80 – $150 per person per night (approximate).

Camp Catta

Description: Camp Catta is an eco-friendly lodge located near Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, offering tented accommodation amidst lush greenery. Guests can enjoy guided hikes in the park, birdwatching, and cultural visits to nearby villages. The camp provides a rustic yet comfortable experience in the heart of nature.

Approximate Price: $70 – $120 per person per night (approximate).

Manambolo Lodge

Description: Manambolo Lodge is situated on the banks of the Manambolo River, offering comfortable bungalows and camping options. The lodge serves as a base for exploring Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, with guided tours available to explore the park’s geological wonders, wildlife, and local culture.

Approximate Price: $60 – $100 per person per night (approximate).

Types of Bemaraha Safaris

Tsingy Exploration Safari

Bemaraha Tsingy Exploration Safari Package

This safari focuses on exploring the Tsingy de Bemaraha’s unique limestone formations, including guided hikes through the tsingy, suspension bridge crossings, and caving expeditions. It’s ideal for adventurers and nature enthusiasts.

Wildlife Safari

Bemaraha Wildlife Safari Package

Wildlife safaris in Bemaraha are tailored for those interested in spotting the diverse fauna of the park. These safaris include guided wildlife-viewing excursions to observe lemurs, chameleons, birds, and other endemic species.

Cultural Safari

Bemaraha Cultural Safari Package

Cultural safaris incorporate visits to local villages and communities near Bemaraha. Travelers can interact with the Malagasy people, learn about their culture and traditions, and gain insights into local life.

Adventure Safari

Banhine Adventure Safari Package

Adventure safaris are designed for thrill-seekers who want to experience adrenaline-pumping activities like rock climbing, abseiling, and caving amidst the dramatic limestone formations of Bemaraha.

Photographic Safari

Bemaraha Photographic Safari Package

Photographic safaris cater to photography enthusiasts, providing specialized vehicles with camera mounts and expert guides who help capture the park’s stunning landscapes and wildlife.

Family Safari

Bemaraha Family Safari Package

Family safaris are family-friendly adventures that accommodate travelers with children. They offer activities suitable for all ages and ensure the safety and comfort of families.

Caving Safari

Bemaraha Caving Safari Package

Caving safaris are focused on exploring the underground world of Bemaraha. They include guided tours of caves, underground passages, and chambers within the limestone formations.

Birdwatching Safari

Greater Blue-eared Starling, Letaba KNP

Birdwatching safaris are perfect for bird enthusiasts. Bemaraha’s diverse ecosystems attract a wide range of bird species, and expert guides help visitors spot and identify these feathered residents.

Hiking and Nature Safari

Bemaraha Hiking and Nature Safari Package

These safaris emphasize guided hikes and nature walks to explore the park’s unique flora and fauna. Travelers can learn about the plant life adapted to the limestone terrain.

Luxury Safari

Bemaraha Luxury Safari Package

Luxury safaris provide a high-end experience with premium accommodations, gourmet dining, and personalized services. Travelers enjoy comfort and exclusivity while exploring Bemaraha’s natural wonders.

Budget Safari

Bemaraha Budget Safari Package

Budget safaris are economical options for travelers seeking to experience Bemaraha without breaking the bank. They offer basic accommodations and shared activities, making it accessible to a wider range of visitors.

Private Safari

Bemaraha Private Safari Package

Private safaris provide exclusivity and flexibility, with dedicated guides and vehicles. Travelers can customize their itinerary and enjoy a personalized adventure.

Everything About the Bemaraha Safaris



  • Bemaraha is located in the western part of Madagascar, in the Melaky region. The centerpiece of the area is the Tsingy de Bemaraha, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its otherworldly limestone formations.

Tsingy de Bemaraha

Tsingy de Bemaraha

  • The Tsingy, which means “where one cannot walk barefoot” in Malagasy, is a labyrinth of towering limestone pinnacles, narrow canyons, and caves. It’s a geological wonder and a top attraction for visitors to Bemaraha.



  • Bemaraha is home to a wide range of wildlife, including lemurs, chameleons, diverse bird species, and unique flora. It’s an excellent destination for wildlife enthusiasts and birdwatchers.



  • Bemaraha safaris offer a variety of activities, including guided hikes through the Tsingy, wildlife tracking, caving adventures, birdwatching, and cultural visits to nearby villages. Night walks or drives to spot nocturnal animals are also popular.

Cultural Experiences

Cultural Exprience

  • In addition to its natural beauty, Bemaraha offers opportunities to interact with local Malagasy communities, learn about their traditions, and support sustainable tourism initiatives.



  • Safari accommodations in Bemaraha range from basic guesthouses and campsites for budget travelers to boutique lodges and eco-friendly resorts for those seeking more comfort and luxury.

Tour Operators

Tour Operators

  • There are several tour operators that offer Bemaraha safaris. It’s essential to choose a reputable operator with experienced guides who prioritize safety and responsible tourism practices.



  • Bemaraha has a tropical climate with a wet season from November to March and a dry season from May to October. The dry season is the most popular time for safaris due to better weather conditions.



  • The duration of Bemaraha safaris can vary from a few days to over a week, depending on the itinerary and the activities you want to include.

Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism

  • Sustainable and responsible tourism is crucial in Bemaraha to protect its delicate ecosystems and support local communities. Look for operators that adhere to ethical and eco-friendly practices.



Bemaraha can be reached by road from the nearby town of Morondava or by chartered flights to the region.




  • Visitors to the Tsingy de Bemaraha may need to obtain permits, and some areas may be restricted during the rainy season due to safety concerns.