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Best East Africa Safari Country

Best East Africa Safari Country

Africa is a continent filled with natural beauty, fascinating wildlife, and brilliant culture. You can experience this diversity in a safari country and get an authentic adventure on the continent. The best safari countries offers you everything from lush rainforests to dramatic mountain ranges to vibrant coral reefs — these places are truly unique and diverse.

What is a safari?

A safari is a trip to see wild animals in their natural habitat. Safari trips are often to see big games, such as elephants, lions, cheetahs, and more. They can also be done for any length (from one day to several weeks), depending on what kind of experience you want.

Safaris are usually booked through travel agents or tour operators who specialize in safaris in Africa.

What makes a safari work?

First, a safari is an experience. It’s not just about seeing animals in the wild or tracking them down—it’s about being immersed in nature and experiencing something that can only be done on foot. Depending on your interests, there are countless ways to get into the heart of Africa through a safari. For example, if you want to see some fantastic wildlife, you might consider going on one of those treks where you climb Mount Kilimanjaro (the highest mountain in Africa). Or perhaps instead of trekking through rainforest valleys with elephants and lions at your side all day long, why not head out into desert plains where camels graze peacefully?

And second: while most people know that they’ll get their fill of seeing animals when they travel as part of an organized group tour group trip abroad, many people don’t realize how unique these experiences can be when done independently!

There are many factors to consider when selecting an African country for your ideal safari.

  • Location: When looking at the best safari country in Africa, you need to consider where it’s located and what climate conditions will be like.
  • Cost: You also need to consider how much it costs per day or week when visiting this destination.
  • Safety: The last thing you want on your trip is a dangerous situation that could result in injury or death.
  • Wildlife: You want to see as many animals on vacation as possible!
  • Travel Time: How long does it take from one place to another when traveling abroad? If multiple airports are involved, then be sure they don’t conflict with each other. You won’t have trouble finding transportation after landing at an international airport (or even if there aren’t any).

Rwanda, the land of the mountain gorillas

Rwanda is home to the mountain gorillas, an endangered species that lives in Volcanoes National Park. The government protects the gorillas and tracks tourists who visit this park annually.

But Rwanda has come a long way in recent years. The country has embraced ecotourism and used it as a tool for rebuilding and reconciliation following the devastating civil war and genocide of the 1990s. The safari experience here is unique and inimitable, allowing visitors to track endangered mountain gorillas through the misty forests of Volcanoes National Park.

Uganda offers traditional wildlife experiences.

Uganda offers traditional wildlife experiences. The country’s bountiful green landscape makes for a spectacular nature destination with plenty of wildlife opportunities. The country sits at the southern end of Lake Victoria, where elephants and other large mammals still roam free.

The Rwenzori Mountains are home to some of Uganda’s most famous species, including the mountain gorilla (Gorilla beringei), spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta), and excellent ape family group (Pan troglodytes).

Uganda’s bountiful green landscape makes for a spectacular nature destination with plenty of wildlife opportunities. As part of your African holiday, you will have the chance to observe chimpanzees swinging through treetops at Kibale Forest National Park or track herds of elephants as they trek around Murchison Falls National Park.

For those hoping to explore Africa’s waters, scuba diving and snorkeling are popular pursuits on Lake Victoria and Lake Albert — keep an eye out for some 130 species of fish!

The country’s capital Kampala is also home to several historical attractions, such as the impressive Uganda Martyrs Museum Complex. This museum commemorates those who died during Uganda’s struggle against British rule from 1894-1962; it contains displays about their life stories along with artifacts from this period, including photographs taken outside Uganda by photographers such as Ansel Adams (American photographer).

Kenya, home of authentic adventures

Kenya is one of the most popular safari countries in Africa. It’s a diverse country with many landscapes, wildlife, and experiences.

  • Kenya has some of the best game parks in Africa. The Maasai Mara National Reserve is home to more than 1,000 lions and other animals that can be seen on your safari adventures there. Some other major attractions include Lake Nakuru National Park, Tsavo East National Park, and Amboseli National Park – all areas that are considered by many as among the best game parks in Africa.


We hope this article has inspired you to travel more broadly and explore the diversity of African countries. Kenya has an incredible history with its rich culture and tradition, making it one of the most exciting destinations for adventurers who want to experience authentic African culture while away from home.

We all have reasons for visiting Africa, so whether you want to experience a different culture or enjoy life in general, we encourage everyone to take advantage of these opportunities! And if all else fails, there are always safari vacations available…


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