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What You Need To Know About Gorilla Permit Uganda

What You Need To Know About Gorilla Permit Uganda

If you’re planning a trip to Uganda, you’ve probably heard of the mountain gorillas. These charismatic creatures are native to the country and listed as endangered by the World Conservation Union (IUCN). However, thousands still live in Uganda’s National Parks and other protected areas—and they’re worth seeing! For those who want a deeper understanding of these fascinating animals and their habitat before visiting Mount Elgon National Park for gorilla trekking tours or safari adventures, we’ve put together this guide on everything you need to know about booking gorilla permits for your visit here.

What is a Gorilla Permit Uganda

This are permits given to those who want to see gorillas in the wild. It is important since it controls the number of people visit the gorilla groups. Besides, it enable the game reserves and national parks to raise funds geared towards prevention of the endangered gorillas. Typically, the permit allows one trek and one hour with the gorillas. However, the duration of a trek may vary with the location of the gorillas on that particular day.

In Uganda, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, which is considered to have approximately 19 habituated gorilla groups offers gorilla permits. Though, out of the 19 gorilla groups, two have be specialized for habituation treks. Apart from Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park also offers gorilla permits but to only one habituated group.

Prices for Gorilla Permits in Uganda

The gorilla permit in Uganda is US$700 per person, which includes the gorilla trekking fee and accommodation., which is subject to change. Booking a gorilla permit in Uganda is easy, and several factors affect the price you’ll pay. The cost of a gorilla permit depends on the number of people in your group and how long they plan to stay in Uganda.

The minimum age for hiking with gorillas is ten years old, and it’s recommended that you have at least 2-3 days to spare during your stay. It would help if you were physically fit enough to climb mountains and be able-bodied enough not to fall off from time to time.

Gorilla permits are also available in Rwanda and Congo (although they’re not always easy to obtain). When you book your trip online with us at Exodussafaris.com, we can tell you about any special deals available for your trip.

How to Book a Gorilla Permit in Uganda

The best way to book a gorilla permit is online. If you’re planning on going on a safari in Uganda, you will want to make sure you book your tickets as early as possible. This will help ensure you get the best price for your safari and allow for more time before departure. However, if there are no available gorilla permits available when it’s time for release (and this happens very rarely), then booking at least 12 months in advance may be necessary so that there aren’t any last-minute shortages when booking occurs later down the road during peak season months such as December 2018 through February 2019.

Rules and Regulations for gorilla trekking in Uganda

There are rules and regulations for gorilla trekking in Uganda. These rules ensure the safety of both gorillas, who are potentially dangerous, and you. You must not disturb or feed any animals, including chimpanzees and leopards.

Other things to know about trekking mountain gorillas in Uganda.

You can visit the gorillas at any time, but the best time to see them is during the dry season (June to September). During this period, the forest will have fewer tourists and less heat.

The rainy season (October through March) should also be avoided because it’s too wet for elephants and other wildlife to move freely in search of food or water.

Suppose you want to experience an exciting trip through Uganda’s rainforest. In that case, we recommend visiting during what we call “the wet season”—when there are just enough days where it rains regularly but not too much so that your plan won’t work out as planned!.


So, if you’re considering booking a gorilla permit in Uganda, you must know all the factors that affect the price. If you’re planning on trekking with a group or family, it might be worth looking at other countries such as Rwanda or Congo. If your main goal is seeing this incredible species in their natural habitat, then there are no alternatives but to book with us here at Gorilla Permit Uganda


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