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Top 10 Best Kenya Safari Lodges & Camps

Best Kenya Safari Lodges & Camps

Kenya is a country with much to see. From its beautiful beaches to the Masai Mara national game reserve and the Rift Valley lakes, there’s plenty of adventure in this East African nation. And while most people come for safaris, you don’t have to be a professional tracker or hunter to have fun on these shores. Plenty of hotels and camps offer everything from luxury accommodations to simple tents where you can sleep out under the stars without any amenities—just peace and quiet!

Kenya has many safari lodges, but these are the top 10. These are the best, with high standards and reviews from happy guests.

Ol Donyo Lodge

Ol Donyo Lodge is located in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, offering a range of activities. The lodge has a luxury tent camp and treehouse camp, making it an ideal place to stay if you’re looking for more than basic accommodation.

The lodge offers guests many different ways to enjoy their time here:

  • Take part in trail rides on horseback or mountain bike through the scenic countryside surrounding the property.
  • Hike up into the mountains.
  • Relax by the pool with a book.

Great Plains Conservation’s Mara Plains Camp

Great Plains Conservation’s Mara Plains Camp is located in Masai Mara and can be reached by car or public transport. The Camp has a variety of luxury tents, a swimming pool, a spa, a restaurant, and a bar. Guests also enjoy guided game drives with experienced guides who will help you see some of Kenya’s most famous wildlife, including lions, rhinos, and elephants.

The Camp offers a fully equipped kitchen with all the necessary equipment to prepare meals or hire a chef if you prefer staying in your tent while having dinner at their dining room on the premises (reservation recommended). They also have an outdoor bar where you can relax after a day exploring the park!

Elephant Pepper Camp

The Elephant Pepper Camp is a tented camp that offers both luxury and comfort. It’s located in the Amboseli National Park, where you can enjoy incredible views of the Serengeti plains and see some of Africa’s most iconic animals while on safari. The lodge has 12 rooms with 24 beds, six queen beds, four double beds, and two single beds; all have en-suite bathrooms with hot water showers or baths (if you choose). They also have outdoor showers if you need to clean off after a long day hiking or seeing lions!

Saruni Samburu

The Saruni Samburu is located in Samburu, Kenya, and has been rated as one of the best safari lodges in the country. It offers accommodation for small groups, individual travelers, and family trips. Activities include game drives and walk through the park, bird-watching tours, and game drives to see elephants or lions.

The staff at this lodge are all experienced guides who will take care of you during your stay there so that you can enjoy every moment on safari!

Loisaba Tented Camp & Star Beds

The Loisaba Tented Camp and Star Beds, located in Laikipia, Kenya, is operated by Loisaba Conservancy. This lodge has a maximum capacity of 28 guests.

The lodge has a restaurant, bar, and swimming pool that guests can rent out during the day or night. Guests will also be surrounded by beautiful scenery as they enjoy their stay here!

Sala’s Camp

Sala’s Camp is located in the Wambu area of Tsavo East National Park, Kenya. It’s a short drive from Nairobi and Arusha airports, so you can easily access this lodge if you fly into one of those two cities.

Sala’s Camp is a family-run safari camp that offers all-inclusive accommodation for up to 12 guests. The property has six rooms, each with its bathroom, en suite shower/bathroom with a hot water supply, and flush the toilet or composting toilet (if requested). All rooms are fitted with mosquito nets; outdoor showers are available during your stay at the Camp itself!

The main dining room serves breakfast every morning at 7:00 am before setting off on game drives around Tsavo East National Park in search of animals like lions and elephants – which are often seen here due to their habitation near waterholes where they drink daily throughout most months but especially during dry periods!

Lunchtime meals consist mainly of salads made fresh every day using locally sourced produce grown onsite by staff members who grow vegetables themselves during offpeak season times when there might not be enough rainfall available elsewhere nearby regions such as Tanzania, where most fruits & vegetables come from since those soils have been used extensively over time without any significant alterations made since settlers arrived here centuries ago.”

Little Governors’ Camp

  • Location: Masai Mara, Kenya
  • Type of lodge: Tented Camp
  • Number of rooms: 8
  • Number of beds: 24 (10 double beds and 12 single beds)
  • Lodge amenities: Swimming pool, spa, restaurant, bar, and laundry service.
  • Activities include game drives all day long with a driver who will take you to see lions and other animals in their natural habitat. You can also walk safaris through the bush while camping at this lodge.

Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp

Amboseli National Park is a Kenyan national park in the Great Rift Valley. It’s one of the top safari destinations in Africa and has plenty to offer for those looking to get away from it all. Cottar’s Safari Camp is located within this incredible landscape and offers everything you need for an unforgettable experience:

  • A swimming pool area where guests can relax under sun-drenched skies, surrounded by greenery and wildlife. This isn’t your typical pool: it’s heated year-round! So if you’re looking for a place to dive into fresh water without worrying about getting burned by the sun or sweating through your clothes, this is worth checking out!
  • An outdoor spa area with massage chairs available for guests at no additional cost (or maybe even free?). You’ll want to spend some time here while enjoying these services—they’re so relaxing! Plus, they help relieve muscle tension due to long days spent hiking around Amboseli National Park.”

Joy’s Safari Camp

Joy’s Safari Camp is located in the Naboisho Conservancy, one of Kenya’s most desirable game parks. The Camp has a luxury tented experience with views of Mount Kilimanjaro and much more:

  • A swimming pool
  • A spa and restaurant (a great place to relax after a day on safari)
  • A team of game rangers who can help you spot your first lion or other animals

Mahali Mzuri

Mahali Mzuri is located in the Tsavo East National Park, a few minutes from the main gate. The lodge is situated on the banks of the Galana River and offers several accommodation options, including family units, suites, and villas.

The property has a variety of activities, including fishing trips and game drives where you can see lions stalking their prey through your vehicle’s windows or get up close with buffaloes grazing in fields nearby before lunchtime!

Kenya has many safari lodges, but these are the top 10. These are the best, with high standards and reviews from happy guests.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the ten best Kenya safari lodges. We know that it can be hard to choose which one is right for you, so we encourage you to do your research and ask questions before booking your trip.


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