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Top 10 Best Tanzania Safari Lodges & Camps

Tanzania Safari Lodges & Camps

Tanzania is a wonderful country to go on safari in, but many different types of lodges are available. From tree-top camps to tented tents, there’s something for everyone. We’ve put together this list of our favorites so you can find the right place for your next trip.

Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge

Located near the Ngorongoro Crater and surrounded by lush green countryside, this lodge has a spa, swimming pool, and two restaurants. It also offers game-viewing vehicles for guests to use. In addition to its activities, guests can relax in their private accommodation or stay at one of the tribe’s homes.

Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge offers luxury safari lodges with comfortable beds and private bathrooms with showers. In addition to these features, there is an outdoor bar where you can enjoy drinks while watching animals pass by through your window.

Grumeti Serengeti Tented Camp

Grumeti Serengeti Tented Camp is in the middle of the Serengeti National Park. It can be reached by car or motorbike, but it’s not too far from Mweka Camp if you prefer to stay there.

The tents at Grumeti Serengeti Tented Camp have en-suite bathrooms and outdoor showers, which makes them very comfortable for taking care of yourself after a long day out exploring the park! There are also two pools here—one indoor and one outdoor—and spa services are available 24/7. The dining room offers traditional African dishes like chicken curry or steamed vegetables with sauce (if you’re looking for something more unique than these options). At the same time, there’s also an onsite bar where guests can get their drinks served up straight away without having to wait around forever while they wait.

Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge

Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge is located in the Sabyinyo Mountains, where you can enjoy a private airstrip and swimming pool. The lodge has several amenities, including a restaurant with an extensive menu that includes traditional dishes from Tanzania and international favorites such as sushi or pizza. There’s also a bar where guests can unwind after their day of adventure, exploring the many attractions in Kilimanjaro National Park.

Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge also offers spa services, including massages, facials, and body wraps (free if you book through us). If you’re looking for something more active than just lounging around your tent all day, they have gym equipment available, so you don’t have to miss out on any of those activities.

Lakushao Bush Lodge

Lakushao Bush Lodge is an excellent option if you want to stay in the Serengeti National Park but don’t have time for a long drive. Located within the park, this lodge has a swimming pool, gym, and spa so guests can stay fit while enjoying their trip. There are also several accommodation options, including 2-bedroom tents or en-suite safari tents (which come with air conditioning).

The restaurant serves meals that include local dishes made from fresh ingredients—and it even has its own bar where you can enjoy drinks after dinner.

Singita Explore Mobile Camp

Singita Explore Mobile Camp is located in Serengeti and has a maximum of eight guests. It has a private chef, guide, safari vehicle, and shower/bathroom facilities. The camp also has a plunge pool with deck chairs overlooking the plains below.

The Singita Explore Mobile Camp is one of the best options for those looking to stay at an exclusive lodge but doesn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it!

Migration Camp

The Migration Camp is a mobile camp that accommodates guests who desire to explore Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. This lodge has a swimming pool and spa, private airstrip, restaurant, lounge and bar, and cinema room for entertainment.

  • Location: North Mara Region
  • Price range: $1,450-$1,700 per night (per person)

Kiboko Luxury Camp

Kiboko Luxury Camp is located in the Karen Hills National Park. The camp offers beautiful accommodations, excellent services, and activities that are designed to give you the best safari experience possible.

The lodge has a restaurant with both indoor and outdoor dining areas, as well as an onsite bar where you can have drinks while watching game drives or sunset over Lake Tanganyika. There are also several bars throughout the area offering local beers and spirits at reasonable prices.

Kiboko Camp offers several types of rooms with varying levels of luxury depending on what you want from your stay there. The standard rooms are spacious enough for four people; however, if this isn’t enough space, then they offer more luxurious options like suites which come complete with air conditioning units so everyone will stay comfortable all day long.

Kirawira Tented Camp

Kirawira Tented Camp is located in the Serengeti National Park and offers luxury tented accommodation. The camp has a swimming pool, spa, and restaurant, which serve up delicious meals to guests. You can also enjoy drinks at their bar or relax in the decking area with your book of choice!

The camp is open from November to April, so if you’re visiting Tanzania during this time, then this is definitely one place you should consider booking your stay.

Katavi Wildlife Camp

Katavi Wildlife Camp is a luxury safari lodge in the Maswa Game Reserve. It’s located in the heart of Katavi National Park and offers guests stunning views over the Serengeti plains.

The camp has ten rooms, two suites, and 22 beds and can accommodate up to 20 people per room or suite. The park was created from two reserves (Katavi & Shimweze) that were combined into one protected area under Tanzania’s national parks system in 1995.

The accommodation options include standard tents with private bathrooms, tented cottages built around an open courtyard, or tents with en-suite bathrooms; all have private verandahs overlooking game trails leading into Ngorongoro Crater National Park – where you’ll find some of Africa’s best game viewing opportunities.

Moivaro Lake Manyara Hotel

Moivaro Lake Manyara Hotel is a great choice if you are looking for a lodge with an authentic Tanzanian setting. The lodge is located near the shores of Lake Manyara, which means that it has an excellent view of this beautiful lake. It also offers a swimming pool and numerous game drives in the area.

The rooms at Moivaro Lake Manyara Hotel are made from thatched huts that give them an authentic feel and make them very pleasant to stay in. The rooms come with mosquito nets, fans, and beds; there’s also hot water available throughout your stay here! The restaurant serves delicious meals as well as other foods like sandwiches or ice cream sundaes!

There’s a huge variety of safari lodges on offer in Tanzania. There are lodges that are luxurious and include all the creature comforts you might expect, as well as some that are more rustic and less expensive. Some are situated in quieter locations than others, while others have more dramatic views or closer proximity to wildlife.

There’s no right or wrong way to choose your lodge—it’s all about what you’re looking for!


We hope that you’ll find your perfect safari lodge in Tanzania. There are so many options to choose from, and each one offers something different. Hopefully, we covered a few of the best options above. The best way to find a perfect safari lodge on your own is by contacting them directly and asking questions about their experience at the property or the services that they offer. This way, you’re sure to get the best lodging possible!


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