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Top 10 Best Things to Do in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Do in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Dar es Salaam is Africa’s most southern metropolis, and there are many things to see and do here. Dar es Salaam has long been the gateway to Tanzania, and several international airlines fly directly into the city. The city was established in 1886 by the German official Heinrich Barth, who named it after his wife, Dar es Salaam, a Swahili word meaning “house of peace.” In its early years, the port city functioned as an essential trading post for gold, with ivory being exported to Asia.

Visit the Village Museum

The Village Museum is a great way to learn about the history of Tanzania. It has a lovely garden, pool, and an adjacent restaurant. The museum is 

near the city center so you can easily walk there from your hotel or hostel if you don’t mind walking around town. The museum opens at 10 am and closes at 5 pm daily, except Sundays when it stays open until 6 pm (9:30 pm).

Swim in the Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is a great place to swim. There are many beaches in Dar es Salaam, which are all beautiful. Some hotels have pools on their property, so you can relax in one after swimming at the beach.

Take a Dhow Cruise

Dhow is a traditional sailing boat that can be hired for a day or longer. They are used for fishing, diving, and sightseeing, but you can also take your dhow on an overnight cruise through the archipelago of Zanzibar if you want to spend more time there. If you’re traveling with children who might need babysitting services while they’re away at school each day (or if they have their friends), then hiring an extra person to watch over them could help save money by not having to hire someone else when it comes time to pay for lunch/dinner or other activities like swimming in the ocean or visiting beaches near Dar es Salaam city center where there may be crowds of tourists who want access too!

Spend a Day at Coco Beach

Coco Beach is a popular beach resort located on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam. It is one of the most visited places in Dar es Salaam and has many hotels, resorts, and restaurants where you can spend your day. You can rent a cabana for the day at Coco Beach or go with friends to enjoy water sports such as jet skiing or parasailing.

Hit The Shops in Slipway

The Slipway is a popular shopping area in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It’s home to many shops and stalls selling everything from clothes to electronics. If you’re looking for souvenirs or food, this is the place for you!

You’ll find plenty of options here if you’re interested in buying anything from clothing to electronics or even just food and drinks (including Starbucks). There are also several places where people can get new phones or laptops fixed up by professionals.

Explore Mwenge Woodcarvers Market

One of the best ways to experience Dar es Salaam is by visiting the Mwenge Woodcarvers Market. This market is located in the Mwenge district, one of Dar es Salaam’s oldest neighborhoods, and hosts some of its most popular attractions, including restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. The market sells carved wooden figures, masks, and other traditional crafts at affordable prices that can be used as souvenirs or gifts back home with you after your trip.

The market is open every day, but best visited on Saturdays when more vendors are selling their wares than usual plus, they have special offers such as free samples! If you’re interested in buying something unique, this should be one of your first stops when traveling around Tanzania’s capital city because there are many exciting things here waiting for discovery!

Watch Football at National Stadium.

The National Stadium has a capacity of over 30,000 people and is the largest football stadium in Tanzania. It was built in 1968, with an additional 50 000 seats added in 2010. The stadium is located on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam and serves as a home ground for Simba SC, who play their home games here weekly.

Sample Traditional Tanzanian cuisine

One of the best things to do in Tanzania is sample traditional Tanzanian cuisine. You’ll find plenty of it, ranging from Indian and Arabic influences to African dishes. Local chefs have incorporated these different cultures into their cooking, resulting in an exotic cuisine often served with rice (biryani), shukka stew (pepper-based), or grilled meats and vegetables.

If you’re looking for something more than just a taste of this eclectic blend of cultures and cuisines, consider trying one or more of these delicious recipes:

Meet Tanzania’s Most Giant Elephant

The giant elephant in the world is at the National Museum in Dar es Salaam. It’s called Jumbo, measures 12 feet tall, weighs 4 tons, and has been on display since 1931. You can see him if you visit during opening hours (Monday to Saturday, 10:00 am – 5:30 pm) or after closing hours (Sunday, 6-9 pm).

The museum also has an impressive collection of other animals, such as rhinos, hippos, and lemurs—all displayed outside their natural habitat so visitors can get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures!

Go on a Safari to Selous Game Reserve.

Selous Game Reserve is located in southern Tanzania, which is an excellent place to go if you want to see some wildlife. The reserve has been home to African elephants since colonial times and is still here today! It’s also the largest game reserve in Africa, so if you’re into that sort of thing (and who isn’t?), this is your place.

If there’s one thing that sets Selous apart from other types of preserves or refuges for endangered animals like lions, it’s its history with hunting: over 500 years ago, the British were invited by local ruler King Mwanga II to hunt for rhinoceros and elephant because he wanted their ivory tusks as trophies—but none came back alive from their trip! As time went on, though, there wasn’t much left on these lands except for water buffalo, so eventually, those too disappeared without leaving any traces behind, except maybe some random bones buried under mud somewhere near where those same elephants roam today.


Dar es Salaam is a beautiful city that has so much to offer. From the Indian Ocean to Mwenge Woodcarvers Market and Zanzibar’s spice islands of Mafia and Pemba, there are many places that you can visit in Tanzania. The best way to experience Dar es Salaam is on foot or by bike – but if you’re looking for something less strenuous, renting an electric scooter like Razor Electric Scooters will allow you to explore all these different hotspots without breaking your budget.


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