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Top 10 Best Uganda Luxury Safari Camps & Lodges

Best Uganda Luxury Safari Camps & Lodges

Uganda is a country filled with natural beauty and incredible wildlife. The best way to see it all is on safari, but you’ll want to make sure your trip is filled with luxury as well. Here are ten of the best luxury safari camps & lodges in Uganda:

Buhoma Lodge

Buhoma Lodge is located in the rolling hills of the Kidepo Valley, just outside of Kampala. The lodge offers a variety of accommodation options, from luxury tents to family suites with ensuites and private balconies.

The lodge has six luxury tents for groups up to 20 people; each comes fully equipped with a king size bed, en-suite bathroom facilities and a dining table with chairs. Guests also enjoy access to two large swimming pools (one outdoor), outdoor barbeque area (with braai facilities) and an indoor restaurant which serves local dishes prepared by chefs imported from England or Scotland every day during dinner time service times Monday through Friday 6 pm onwards until 9 pm then Saturday 2 pm onwards until 7 pm only during peak periods between October & April when they change their schedule accordingly depending on demand etcetera at other times they remain closed due to maintenance issues if you wish not be disturbed we recommend booking ahead especially during peak periods where reservations are highly recommended especially if you plan on visiting Buhoma Lodge during holidays such as Christmas Eve/Christmas Day itself which will require reservations before arriving at any time between now until March 2021

You can find more information about this location here: [link removed]

Chobe Safari Lodge

Chobe Safari Lodge is located in the heart of the Chobe National Park, on the shores of Lake Albert. The lodge offers luxury tents that can accommodate up to seven people and includes access to all meals, drinks and activities.

The resort has an array of facilities including a spa offering treatments using local herbs as well as a guided game drive adventure with an experienced guide who will take you on a safari through this beautiful part of Africa! You’ll also be able to fly fish or go bush walking with your own fishing rod while exploring one of Africa’s largest lakes!

For those looking for something more luxurious than camping might want to consider staying at this luxury safari camp which costs $550 per person per night

Nigiri Game Lodge

Nigiri Game Lodge is located in the remote and beautiful Murchison Falls National Park, about 20km from Bujagali Gate. The lodge offers accommodation in two different types of chalets: standard and deluxe. The traditional chalet has two single beds, while the exclusive has four twin beds. Both types have an attached bathroom with hot water and toilet facilities; however, those staying at the deluxe level will also have access to electricity throughout their stay (the standard level only gets electricity during certain times of day).

The main activity at this lodge is game viewing as it offers excellent viewing opportunities for different species of animals such as elephants, buffalos (or zebras) and kob antelope, among others! For example, if you’re lucky enough to see elephants roaming around your camp, then there’s nothing better than having a safari guide show off their moves along with some good old fashioned entertainment like feeding them sweets or bananas! Your adventure begins when you arrive at Engiri Game Lodge; check out what options are available before booking yourself into one today!

Ha’Buharo Island Lodge

Ha’Buharo Island Lodge is located in Buhari Island, Mbarara District. The lodge has a total of 9 rooms and suites with a capacity for up to 18 people. The resort offers an outdoor pool, Jacuzzi and fitness center that can be used by all guests at no extra charge.

The rooms are spacious, fully equipped with en suite bathrooms featuring bathtubs/showers as well as toiletries such as shampoos, conditioners etc., flat-screen televisions with satellite channels or cable channels (depending on your choice). As well as this they come with WiFi internet access so you can stay connected while traveling!

There are also other amenities such as conference halls where groups may organize meetings; hostel facilities where solo travelers can stay overnight before heading out into the African bush; restaurants serving meals that include local cuisine ranging from Ugandan dishes like omelettes made from eggs cooked over open fires on wooden stoves to Kenyan dishes such as beef stewed in red wine sauce served over mashed potatoes topped with herbs like thyme leaves which add flavor without making things too spicy!

Kyambura Gorge Lodge

Kyambura Gorge Lodge is located in the Victoria Nile National Park, where you can enjoy an African safari experience. With an array of rooms and suites available, this lodge offers you a comfortable stay with all amenities included. You can also choose from different packages that include activities like fishing or canoeing at their private lake.

The rooms are designed with comfort in mind and feature wooden furniture with stylish fabrics covering them up. Some rooms come equipped with ensuite bathrooms while others don’t have them but have balconies instead; both options offer views of the surrounding area, so keep an eye out for wildlife walking around!

Mahogany Springs Safari Lodge

Mahogany Springs Safari Lodge is located in the Makindu area of western Uganda. The lodge offers a variety of activities and wildlife viewing, including game drives, walking safaris and elephant rides through the park’s dense forest.

The lodge offers spacious accommodation options with private bathrooms for each guest room as well as en suite bathrooms in shared spaces. All rooms have air conditioning and cable television channels available during your stay.

Activities offered at Mahogany Springs Safari Lodge include bird watching expeditions, hiking trails through the African bushveld (grassland), fly fishing excursions on Lake Edward, or boat trips down river to see crocodiles or hippos up close! There are also many cultural tours available throughout Uganda, such as visits to local markets, traditional villages where you can learn about local culture & traditions firsthand!

Mburo Safari Lodge

Mburo Safari Lodge is located in the heart of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, on a hillside overlooking the forest. The lodge has 7 rooms and a suite, all with private bathrooms; it also has a swimming pool, lounge area and bar.

The lodge features an exceptional dining experience as well as conference facilities. They offer both vegetarian dishes as well as meat options for those who prefer something different from what they’re used to eating back home!

Ngamba Island Tented Camp

Location: Ngamba Island Tented Camp is located near Entebbe, Uganda.

Luxury Tented Camp: This luxurious tented camp has a swimming pool and offers safari activities such as horseback riding and bird watching. There’s also an onsite restaurant where you can enjoy authentic Ugandan cuisine while exploring the island.

Accommodation: The facilities at this luxury safari lodge include air-conditioned tents with en suite bathrooms that are equipped with electric showers and toilets as well as wooden decks overlooking Lake Victoria where guests can relax during their stay here at Ngamba Island Tented Camp in Uganda!

Primate Lodge

Primate Lodge is located in the Gombe Forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to one of Africa’s most famous primates, the silverback gorilla. The lodge has 16 rooms that are spread out across two separate buildings: one for guests and one for staff. There are also two restaurants onsite: one at ground level with views of the forest, and another upstairs overlooking Lake Albert where you can enjoy panoramic views of both forests from your table as well as catch birdsong from any part of this natural wonder.

Primate Lodge offers all-inclusive safari packages with activities ranging from bird watching to walking safaris through nearby villages or exploring caves within the forest itself! If you’re looking for something more exotic than just being surrounded by nature, then consider visiting Uganda’s national parks during your stay here; these places offer some incredible wildlife viewing opportunities like no other country has access to!

Wild Waters Lodge

Located on the shores of Lake Victoria, Wild Waters Lodge is a luxury safari lodge that offers an array of accommodation options. The resort has a spa and swimming pool, restaurant and bar as well as playgrounds for children to enjoy. It also has conference rooms for meetings or events and an array of amenities including hot showers, air conditioning & heating throughout all lodges.

The lodge has its own gift shop where you can buy souvenirs from Uganda or other African countries like Kenya & Tanzania (where there is also another property).

If you’re looking for a fantastic safari experience with stunning scenery, then these are the best Uganda luxury safari camps & lodges.


We’re sure that you’ll find your perfect lodge here at Safari Camps Uganda. Our team of experts are always on hand to help with any questions or concerns and we have an extensive list of options in every price range. If you want to book one of our luxury safari camps or lodges, simply contact us today!


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