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Guide on Visiting Sossusvlei the Sand Dunes of Namibia

Visiting Sossusvlei guide

Sossusvlei is one of the most incredible places in the world, and I’m not just saying that because it’s my home. It’s a natural phenomenon like no other, with deep red dunes that stretch for miles across the Namib desert. If you’ve ever wanted to see what makes Sossusvlei so remarkable, this guide will help you plan your trip.

About Sossusvlei

Sossusvlei is a salt and clay pan located in the Namib Desert, on the border between Namibia and South Africa. The area is known for its majestic red dunes, attracting travelers since early colonial times.

The Dead Vlei area is also part of Sossusvlei; it’s a dried-up lake bed home to large quantities of watercourses before being redirected into the nearby Skeleton Coast National Park.

How to Get to Sossusvlei

Sossusvlei is located in the Namib Desert on the country’s southern coast. It’s an hour and a half drive from Windhoek, but you can also fly there with Air Namibia and arrive in under three hours. There are more than 50 hotels in Sossusvlei, including some top-notch lodges developed by international chains such as Four Seasons and The Ritz Carlton.

If you want to stay at an independent lodge like ours at Sunrise Lodge & Spa (which offers all-inclusive packages), make sure your travel agent knows that this is what you want—they may be able to arrange something special for you.

Our team will help set up everything:

  • From picking up souvenirs at our shop before leaving home so they won’t spoil over time.
  • Finding out which restaurants serve meals made from local ingredients
  • Booking reservations for tours such as helicopter flights over Lesotho’s highest mountain peak Mt Aconcagua Argentina
  • Arranging transport around town (and even renting cars if necessary)
  • Helping plan activities like horseback riding through nearby farmlands or hiking trails near Dune Town itself.

When to Visit Sossusvlei

The best time to visit Sossusvlei is from November to March when the rain peaks. This period is known as the rainy season and can be very harsh because of all the rain. However, it’s also when you’ll get your best chance at seeing some of Sossusvlei’s most impressive dunes.

The dry season runs from April through September (or October) in Namibia; it’s a good time if you’re looking for less humidity and, therefore, better visibility of your surroundings while driving through this area.

Where to Stay at Sossusvlei

If you’re planning to visit Sossusvlei, it is essential to know that there are only two places that offer accommodation and camping. Both are located next door to each other in a small town called Khorab—which means “place of the giant trees” in Ndebele.

The first hotel is Khorab Lodge, which offers rooms with shared bathrooms (showers) and private bathrooms on request. Rooms come with electricity, TV channels, tea/coffee facilities, and air conditioning units at an extra cost of $10 per day per room.

The lodge also has a pool area where guests can relax after exploring the dunes or taking advantage of the many activities offered by this unique tourism destination.

How Many Days Do You Need at Sossusvlei?

The best way to decide how many days you need is to consider your schedule. If you’re in Sossusvlei for two days, it’s sufficient to see the main sights and relax by the dunes. However, if you have three or four days in Namibia and want to explore more of this beautiful country, a five-day safari adventure might be right up your alley.

What to Bring to Sossusvlei

When you visit Sossusvlei, it’s essential to be prepared. The desert is a harsh environment, and seeing the dunes up close can be an intense experience. Here are some things you’ll want to bring:

  • Waterproof jacket and pants—to keep yourself dry if there is any rain or snow (which would not be unusual in this part of Africa). If there aren’t any showers at all, then plan on buying some bottled water before going out into the desert.
  • Sunscreen—you’ll need it! UV rays from the sun are powerful enough to cause severe damage if unprotected from them; make sure that your sunscreen has an SPF rating higher than 15+ so that it will protect your skin from burning when exposed for long periods outdoors under direct sunlight conditions which may occur on occasion during summer months when temperatures reach upwards toward 50 degrees Celsius degrees Fahrenheit, depending upon where one lives concerning latitude zones such as north/south latitudes versus equator lines around Earth’s surface areas where land masses, like continents, lie close together near oceans surrounding bodies such as continents themselves.”


Sossusvlei is a fantastic place to visit and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It will be hard to top this trip, but if you have the opportunity to go back, we highly recommend it.


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