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Africa Self-Drive Safaris & Holiday Packages With Prices

African Self-Drive Safaris & Tours

If you're the type of traveler that loves to explore and go at your own pace, then an African self-drive safari might be just the thing for you. While certain aspects of your trip may need to be planned in advance, such as campsites and other accommodation, you'll have the freedom to determine your own route and take control of your journey.



African self-drive safaris provide a unique and exciting way to explore the African continent. With its freedom of itinerary and abundance of activities, there's no better way to experience the culture and nature of Africa. By considering Exodus Safaris, you are assured that your African self-drive safari is one that you'll never forget.

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Frequently Asked Questions About African Self-Drive Safaris 

We HAVE explored 8 questions related to African self-drive safaris and tours, so you can make the most of your adventure.

An African self-drive safari is a form of tourism in which travelers are able to explore Africa independently. Instead of following a pre-defined itinerary, as is often the case with traditional safari packages, a self-drive safari allows you to go at your own pace and determine your own route. This allows travelers to experience the culture and landscape of Africa while still being able to go sightseeing and exploring on their own terms.

When planning an African self-drive safari, there are several factors that should be considered. These include the length of the trip, budget, route and destination, and the type of vehicle that will be used. All of these components should be taken into account when planning the trip, as they will all have an effect on the overall experience. Additionally, it is important to ensure that all necessary documents, such as visas and insurance, are obtained before beginning the journey.

The biggest benefit of taking an African self-drive safari is the autonomy that comes with the freedom of being able to determine your own route and go at your own pace. Additionally, traveling on your own terms allows you to tailor your experience to suit your own personal interests, which will make the journey more enjoyable. Finally, self-drive safaris often provide more flexible and affordable options when compared to traditional safari packages.

When it comes to selecting a destination for an African self-drive safari, the possibilities are nearly endless. Popular destinations include Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, to name a few. Each of these countries offer something unique, from stunning landscapes to incredible wildlife. Ultimately, the best destination will depend on the traveler’s individual preferences.

When it comes to selecting a vehicle for an African self-drive safari, there are a few key factors to consider. The most important factor is comfort, as you’ll want to be able to travel long distances without becoming too tired or uncomfortable. Additionally, you’ll need to select one that is well suited for off-roading and rough terrain, as well as one that is able to carry all your equipment and supplies. Popular choices include 4x4s and SUVs.

One of the great things about taking an African self-drive safari is the ability to stay in unique accommodations during the journey. Popular lodging options include campsites, lodges, tented camps, hotels, and even private homes. Additionally, there are several mobile camping options, such as camper vans and caravans, that can be used during the journey.

The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to activities that can be done on an African self-drive safari. Popular options include game drives, walking safaris, gorilla trekking, cycling tours, canoeing, bird watching, and more. Additionally, you can also find guided self-drive tours, fly-in safaris, photography safaris, and other specialized tours that focus on specific activities.

When taking an African self-drive safari, it is important to make sure that you have all necessary documents ready. This includes visas, passports, driver’s license, insurance, and other items. Additionally, it is important to research the destinations that you plan to visit, as well as the rules for the roads in each country. It is also a good idea to have an emergency plan in place, just in case.