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Awash Safari Tours & Holidays Packages

Awash Safari Tours & Holidays Packages

Awash is an incredibly picturesque part of Ethiopia that is renowned for its astonishing beauty and wide variety of creatures and cultural customs. Situated in the east of the country, Awash is home to the meandering Awash River, which provides sustenance to the people who inhabit the area. One of the most popular destinations in Awash is the sprawling Awash National Park, encompassing over 700 square kilometers of unspoiled nature. It is a stunning landscape of flora and fauna, with elephants, giraffes, baboons, and colobus monkeys among its many inhabitants. Tourists can partake in activities such as guided jeep safaris, birdwatching excursions, and cultural visits to the nearby villages. The Awash region is also teeming with history; it boasts archaeological remains from centuries ago, along with ancient ruins that offer a glimpse into the distant past. The city of Awash is known for its volcanic range, with welcoming hot springs and impressive geysers that draw travelers from far and wide. Farming is also a key economic activity in Awash, with coffee, fruits, and vegetables being among the main produce. Local cuisine reflects this abundance of fresh, locally grown ingredients, using traditional methods of cooking; making it ideal for the foodies out there. In sum, Awash is a destination that caters to all types of travelers. Its resplendent landscapes, abundant wildlife, and authentic culture make it a place not to be missed when visiting Ethiopia.



Are you looking for a special safari that you won't forget? Look no further than Exodus Safaris! Our knowledgeable guides and dedication to responsible tourism make them the ideal choice for an incredible getaway. Book your safari experience today and explore the natural beauty of Awash National Park. With Awash Tours, you'll be able to see rare sights that you'll remember for years to come.

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Tour details

  • Capital Addis Ababa
  • Language Amharic, Somali, Tigrinya, Sidama and English
  • Currency US Dollar & Ethiopian Birr
  • Time Zone GMT+3
  • Drives on the Right
  • Calling Code +251

Your Awash Safari Tour Adventure

Embark on a journey you won’t soon forget with Awash Safari Tour! Our exclusive safari packages will take you through the remarkable beauty and varied wildlife of Africa. From adventurous expeditions to peaceful sojourns, we have a selection of itineraries tailored to your every need.

Accompanied by our seasoned guides, explore the magical savannah and be amazed witnessing the graceful elephants, towering giraffes, and elegant cheetahs in their natural environment. For a more leisurely experience, relax and take respite in our luxurious lodges, tucked away in the heart of the African bush. Give yourself a chance to enjoy the serenity of the wilderness, join a morning game drive, and indulge in a gourmet breakfast.

At Awash Safari Tour, we make sure each one of our guests has an exceptional safari experience. Let us handle the details, and you just revel in the wonder of Africa. Book your safari package with us now for an adventure of a lifetime!

Frequently Asked Questions About Awash Safari Tours

What Wildlife Does Awash National Park Have?

Awash National Park contains dry-country wildlife such as beisa oryx, Salt’s dik-dik, and Soemmerring’s gazelle. Olive baboons are common, but more interesting are the localized white-maned hamadryas baboons.

What is the Climate Like in Awash National Park?

Awash National Park has a hot and dry climate with a short wet season that runs from July to September. Temperatures remain consistent throughout the year, ranging between 32°C/90°F and 18°C/64°F on average.

What is the Best Time to Visit Awash National Park?

The best time to visit Awash National Park is from October to February when it is dry and temperatures are pleasant.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Visiting Awash National Park?

The pros of visiting Awash National Park include the opportunity to see dry-country wildlife, great birding opportunities, the presence of Mt Fentale and the Awash Falls, and its accessibility en route from Addis Ababa to Harar. The cons include low wildlife densities and human encroachment.

What Tour Operators Are Available?

There are a variety of tour operators available for tourists who wish to visit Awash National Park. These include professional companies such as Exodus Safaris, Africa Geographic, African Adventures, Great Plains Conservation, and WestEastTours.

What Activities Can I Do at Awash National Park?

Visitors to Awash National Park can enjoy a variety of activities, including wildlife viewing, birding, and climbing Mt Fentale. There are also several scenic spots within the park, including the Filwoha Hot Springs, the Awash River and its gorge, and the impressive Awash Falls.

 What is the Bradt Guidebook to Ethiopia?

The Bradt Guidebook to Ethiopia is a comprehensive guide written by renowned Africa expert Philip Briggs. It provides visitors with detailed information about the country, including attractions, travel tips, budget advice, and accommodation. Additionally, the guidebook covers the country’s parks, including Awash National Park.