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Egypt Holiday Packages From Kenya

Egypt Holiday Packages

Every tourist’s checklist should include Egypt, which is the home to some of the biggest and most famous scenic beauty globally. The country has iconic sites like ancient Thebes and Aswan to the impressive architectural accomplishments of Cairo. Its historical glories have drawn tourists, archaeologists, and adventurers across history. The nation's historic illustrious inspires Egypt attractions; Besides, visitors learning about pharaohs and marveling at the Pyramids. Exodussafaris packages, offers visitors the chance to sail a conventional felucca, explore Upper Egypt's lesser-known temples, and cruise along the Nile in a magnificent five-star vessel.



Visitors travelling to Egypt using one of the luxurious cruises, are able to see various unmatched attractions. Visitors will see the villagers going about their everyday lives as they journey upstream collectively. Besides, see the magnificent Edfu and Kom Ombo temples. This adventurous vacation in Egypt is an amazing experience with its lush green banks and breathtaking Nile scenery.

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In focus: The Nile

Throughout prehistoric days, Feluccas, single-masted canoes, sailed the Nile. This is how Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, along with a 400-person flotilla, spent their nine months touring Egypt. Visitors will able to see the Nile Valley’s scenery and the opulent tombs of the Valley of the Kings while traveling by felucca from Aswan and Luxor. Visitors will spend the night on the deck covered in vibrant rugs.  They will have time to watch the magnificent sunset as the late afternoon sun turns golden from the Nile.

Are flights included in Your Egypt holidays?

Yes, they do. Most of our Egypt vacation packages involve flights, but we also let Visitors select “land only” trips supposing they prefer to arrange travel. Please discuss this choice with a representative of our staff. Visitors air ticket is calculated starting in London and includes all transportation to and from the airports once visitors reach Egypt. Please make sure to get travel insurance before actually setting out on any trip and confirm that you have obtained all necessary immunizations and visas.

How long are Your Egypt holidays?

Our Egypt holidays last nine days, even though those who would prefer more opportunities to discover, there are even longer vacations accessible! Want to create a custom bundle for a unique occasion?  Alternatively, there are particular sights and activities that visitors may not want to skip. To learn more regarding our custom adventure holidays in Egypt, contact a professionals members of the Exodus team right away.

Are your tours of Egypt Guided?

            On your trip to Egypt with Exodus safaris. A licensed Egyptologist will always lead and follows each of our Egypt tour packages. By traveling with these specialists, you may take advantage of each destination’s best features and revive the ancient world.