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Tanzania Honeymoon Safaris Packages with Prices & Reviews

Tanzania Honeymoon Safaris & Packages

Are you planning a honeymoon safari in Tanzania? Whether you are looking for breathtaking views, wildlife adventures, or romantic touches, Tanzania has something for everyone. Exodus Safaris explores the many options for a honeymoon safari in Tanzania, from service and accommodation to active days and luxurious settings.


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Tour details

  • Capital Dar es Salam
  • Language English & Swahili
  • Currency US Dollar & Tanzanian Shilling
  • Time Zone GMT+3
  • Drives on the Right
  • Calling Code +255

Frequently Asked Questions About Tanzania Honeymoon Safaris

What kind of Service Can I Expect on a Tanzania Honeymoon Safari?

On a honeymoon safari in Tanzania, you can expect excellent customer service with a personal touch. The tourism industry in Tanzania is well-established and accustomed to catering to special occasions such as honeymoons. No matter where you go, you will be made to feel at home.

What Types of Accommodation Are Available in Tanzania?

Accommodation in Tanzania ranges from budget-friendly options to some of the most luxurious lodges and hotels in the world. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or plan to go on more of an adventure, you are sure to find a lodge that meets your needs.

What Kind of Wildlife Experiences Can I Enjoy on My Honeymoon Safari?

Tanzania is home to a variety of wildlife, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore and get close to nature during your honeymoon safari. You and your partner will be able to observe elephants, lions, zebras, and other iconic African animals in their natural habitat.

What Other Activities Can I Participate in During My Honeymoon Safari?

side from wildlife experiences, there are plenty of other activities you can enjoy on your honeymoon safari. Popular choices include mountain climbing, canoeing, cycling, horseback riding, and walking safaris. Many lodges also offer guided tours that take you to places off the beaten path.

What Are Some Special Touches I Can Enjoy on My Honeymoon Safari in Tanzania?

If you’re looking for special touches to add to your honeymoon safari, there are plenty of options. Many lodges offer romantic packages that include exquisite meals, swimming pools, and spa treatments. You can also enjoy special activities such as sunset cruises, game drives, and hot-air balloon rides.

What Should I Know Before Planning My Honeymoon Safari?

It is important to remember that Tanzania is a malaria-prone region and due to the country’s varied climate, you may need to bring along specific items for different parts of your trip. Additionally, some areas require special permits for visitors, so it is best to check what documentation you need before you set out.

What Are Some Tips for Planning a Successful Honeymoon Safari in Tanzania?

To make your honeymoon safari as memorable as possible, it’s a good idea to plan ahead. Research the different areas in Tanzania to find the best locations for your activities. Also, if you want to save money, consider timing your trip around the country’s low season, when prices are significantly lower. Finally, it’s also a good idea to bring along some basic medical supplies in case of emergencies.